EMG Live Chat allows you to considerably improve the way in which you help visitors to your website or Facebook profile, offering a superior support experience and improving the probability of converting a casual visitor into a real client.

Currently, before buying your product or receiving a service, consumers spend time navigating online and researching what they need, comparing specifications, prices and even the opinions of other consumers around the world. EMG Live Chat gives you the opportunity to offer timely and proactive service – a great value to users, since it will allow you respond to their concerns in a timely manner. This also means that you can covert this opportunity for interaction into a sale.

EMG Live Chat works with any type of company webpage, both for services and products. It's not a problem if your website provides only general information or realizes complex online transactions – our solution could contribute to an increase in sales of an estimated minimum 20%, and an even higher consolidation of loyalty among your clients.

Give EMG Live Chat a try, and experience these results for yourself!

EMG Live Chat is a complete solution that allows your company to work more closely with your clients, and to offer them a superior service experience by providing a new and efficient alternative for instant communication from within your website and/or Facebook page.

We have a robust feature set, both for management, distribution and client services, as well as for reports generation that will grant you access to relevant data in real time.

EMG Live Chat gives you the opportunity to support your visitors efficiently and through a personalized, instant communication channel, delivering precise information in a timely manner.

Additionally, EMG Live Chat provides an excellent way to reduce your customer service costs, thanks to the improvement in service rates for each agent; in other words, each customer service operator can manage many more interactions per hour via the chat line than they could otherwise handle by phone.

Improve the efficiency of your Customer Service.

Many times, the cost of internal customer service is high, especially at large companies with offices located in different geographic areas.

When you implement an EMG Live Chat solution, your employees have a fast, efficient and effective line of communication to request help.

Your service costs will decline significantly, since you will avoid pricey telephone calls and maximize service operator time, since your agents will be able to attend to more than one employee at a time.