Chat en Línea
Online Chat

Clients and website visitors may establish a secure chat line with a company representative, in order to secure immediate customer service.

Some of the features and capabilities of our service include:

  • One or Secure One Online Chat. Works in any browser.
  • Visitors do not need to download or install any software on their computers.
  • Multiple Operators
  • Department Selection
  • Ability to transfer Chats between operators
  • May establish Operator-to-Operator chats
  • Pre-determined answers
  • Visitor "Push Pages"
  • Personalized Chat buttons, Logo and window background
  • Visitors may request a copy of their chat.
  • Personalized Pre- and Post-Chat window
  • Ability to send documents
  • Operator performance reports
  • Ability to consult previous chats before beginning a new chat
  • Auto-responders and masks
  • Each operator can have open multiple, simultaneous chats
  • Automatic notification if there are no operators available
  • Many other features

Monitoreo en Tiempo Real
Real-Time Monitoring

EMG Live Chat lets you observe, in real time, what your website visitors are doing; what pages they are visiting; and the page sequence that they follow. We also let you see whether they arrived via a search engine, and what keywords they used to get to your website, as well as many other important data.

Proactively Invite Clients or Website Visitors to Initiate Chat

EMG Live Chat lets you proactively send invitations to website visitors to initiate a chat, or to use the Dynamic Invitations system so that invitations are sent according to the guidelines that you define for each invitation. These may be based on the time a user has spent on your website; the current page s/he is on; the country of provenance; or search engine keywords used to reach your website.

Manejo de Perfiles Usuarios
Profile and User Management

Operator and permissions management is very simple with EMG Live Chat, since we enable independent permissions for each operator or specific profile, for example Administrator, Supervisor or Operator. Additionally, you may enable or disable permissions to see application-generated information, including reports, tool configuration, and access controls, among others.

Reportes en Línea
Online Reports

EMG Live Chat lets you login whenever you want to the reports module. Here, you'll find reports on website usage, chat requests, user locations, and most popular keywords, among other data.

Cambio de Status del Botón de Chat
Automatic Change to Chat Button Status

EMG Live Chat will automatically change the Chat Button status from Online to Offline, according to agent availability and the service hours you have specified.