Satisfacción y Confianza
Improve Levels of Customer Satisfaction and Trust

The success of your business is based on customer satisfaction and trust. For this reason, offering appropriate help and guidance, in a timely manner, is key to achieving your goal.

Aumente sus Ventas
Increase Sales

EMG Live Chat allows you to provide your website visitors with the information they're looking for, at the moment they need it. This creates a very satisfying experience, which can contribute to a higher percentage of customers making the choice to purchase your products or services.

Reduzca Costos
Reduce Costs and Increase Efficiency

EMG Live Chat allows you to improve the efficiency of your customer service agents by at least 30% over agents in a regular call center, noticeably reducing the average cost per interaction or contact. This also improves customer service, since our system facilitates faster and more timely service.

Disminuya las Tasas de Abandono
Decrease Bounce Rates on your Website

If your website visitors don't find the information they are looking for quickly, they will leave quickly. EMG Live Chatprovides a way to prevent this behavior by providing fast and timely online assistance. This helps you guide potential clients to the information or product they require, or to clarify their concerns immediately. These features allow you to increase customer satisfaction levels for your company, and to increase your sales conversion rates.